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Meeting Minutes

The official record of the proceedings of a meeting, and generally recorded by the secretary of the HOA or appointed scribe.

Minutes 4/22/21

Discussion of Lot & Property Committee’s proposal of their opinion of infractions/concerns about the upkeep of homes in our association.

Minutes 3/25/2021

Annual Meeting Minutes.

Minutes 3/18/2021

Discussion of annual meeting agenda and how we proceed. Short run-through.

Minutes 3/16/2021

Review of budget and line item assignments.

Minutes 2/25/2021

Review of CCR final edits.

Minutes 2/23/2021

Review of new contacts at PMG and discussion of charges not allocated in our budget. Discussed what level of service we want them to provide. Discussed handling of paper ballots and how we may want to handle voting next year.

Minutes 1/21/2021

General Business: Prep of 2020 IRS Form 1120 H, Terminate Quickbooks, Yahoo, Bank Card Status, Lot and Property Committee discussion, Status of in-home business, nominating committee, postcard mailer. 

Minutes 1/7/2021

Transfer of ACC Functions To The Board

Minutes - 12/8/2020

Finalization of 2021 Budget

Minutes - 12/3/2020

Approval of 2 resolutions.

Minutes - 10/30/20

Public meeting to appoint officers

Minutes - 8/20/20

2020 Annual Meeting

Meeting Minutes: List
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